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Bookkeeping Services

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Bookkeeping Services Fresno Ca

Do you think you need a Bookkeeper?  Do you think they are too expensive or simply can’t afford one?  Are you under stress trying to keep track of all your business transactions and run a business?  If so, then let Gill & McAvoy, LLP relieve some of your stress!!

How much will these services cost?

All clients have very unique needs and bookkeeping requirements.  As such each business will have a free in office consultation to determine those needs and requirements to determine the best value for their budget.  Bookkeeping starts from $200 per month. 

What do you need to provide each month?

Depending on the level and type of services provided we ask you to provide the following, at a minimum:
  • Monthly bank statements, credit card statements and other records
  • Notation of expense categories per your chart of accounts provided by Gill & McAvoy, LLP

Answer a few occasional questions and email or drop off items listed above

Relax and feel the stress disappearing!

What should your Company expect from Gill & McAvoy, LLP each month?

An informative CPA prepared management report for your business with key financial information and CPA analysis.

Current, timely in-house prepared financial statements including Balance Sheet report and Profit and Loss Report with current period and year to date financial information.

Confidence and peace of mind because you have reliable, experienced bookkeeping completed by a professional accounting firm in Fresno, Ca.

Avoid Annual Accounting Software upgrade costs

You will be using our software!  No more accounting software upgrades or upfront costs.  Sometimes this can be a savings up to $300/year!  (We can even work with you by accessing your accounts in the cloud – using our cloud accounting services)

If your business is interested in timely, experienced, bookkeeping services and have questions about the process involved, contact Gill & McAvoy LLP today by filling out the simple form below, or call (559) 412-4100.

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